Application Of The Indefinite Conversion

If a labor-management agreement is not conclud, it will be a violation of the Labor Standards Act, and you may be fin or imprison.Equal pay for equal work does not apply to full-time workers who are employ indefinitely without a fix contract period. Equal pay for equal work does not apply in the case of indefinite employment, but it is important to note that equal pay for equal work is not applicable only in the case of indefinite employment and full-time employment. This time, we will explain that indefinite-term employment is not subject to equal pay for equal work.

The risks in indefinite

Term employment, and special measures for the elderly. Equal pay for equal work does not apply, so even if there is a difference in treatment with regular employees, it is not illegal, but it may develop into trouble. If you are considering Tunisia WhatsApp Number List converting workers to indefinite employment in order to respond to equal pay for equal work, please read it. In the first place, if you are wondering “What is equal pay for equal work?”, click hereWhat is equal pay for equal work? Reasons for application, advantages and disadvantagesIn 2013, the Labor Contract Act was amend, and if the contract period exces five years throughout the year due.

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To repeat contract renewals

The indefinite term conversion rule will be appli. Contract employees, part-time associate employees, mate employees, part-time workers, partner employees, and other workers who have a contract period regardless of their name are eligible. Equal pay for equal work is a rule that pays the same amount of wages for the same work, but it applies SG Phone List only to short-term, fix-term, and temporary workers, so it does not apply to full-time, indefinite-term workers. not. While there are merits that the contract can be continu and a stable work style and long-term career development can be achiev, there is a possibility.

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