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In the new form for April 2021, items relat to notification have been chang. 2-2. Changes (1): Elimination of user’s seal/signature When notifying the 36 Agreement to the Labor Standards Inspection Office, submit the 36 Agreement Notification. The user’s seal and signature were abolish in this 36 agreement notification. The user can submit the notification of the 36 Agreement only by signing his/her name. However, if the agreement notification serves as an agreement, it must be stamp and sign by the worker representative and the employer.

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Bas on Article 32-2 of the Labor Standards Act, and is a document that proves the agreement and conclusion of both parties. If the agreement notification also serves as an agreement, do not forget to seal and sign it. 2-3. Change 2: Addition of check boxes for parties to the Article 36 Agreement The Checkbox for Agreement Parties is a Belize Phone Number List checkbox to confirm that the labor representative is eligible to represent. Requirements for labor representatives (list in check boxes) Be representative of the majority of workers not be a manager The method of election of the parties shall be clear and elect in a democratic manner.

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The above requirements are describ in the last part of the 36 agreement notification, and the selection method and two check boxes are to be check. 36 When submitting an agreement notification, make sure that the check box is correctly SG Phone List check and that the representative meets the requirements of the item. If the checkbox is not fill in and submitt, it will not be recogniz as an agreement notification that meets the requirements, and the § 36 agreement will not be accept. Relat article: What are the differences between labor-management agreements and 36 agreements and what has chang in the new format? 3. Conditions for electing majority representatives in concluding the Article 36 Agreement vote Finally, I will explain in detail the selection criteria for representatives introduc in the previous section.

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